VIDEO: SuperSport’s Beautiful Dreamer

11 Jun 2020

SuperSport, Levergy, and CSquared Productions come together and dare to dream about the return of live sport, in this latest spot for the pay-TV broadcaster.

According to Greg Viljoen, CSquared’s Creative Director, this project was a collaboration between Levergy and CSquared, with Levergy pitching the idea to SuperSport as a way of standing with their sports-loving subscribers during this relatively ‘difficult’ time of no live sport being broadcast.

“The original plan was to create a promo per sport, but SuperSport felt they would be better served by one ‘beautiful dream’ that spoke to fans across the board,” says Viljoen. “They also decided to ‘dream about’ only the sports that they knew for sure would be returning to live reality in the near future, thus giving a potentially whimsical promo a bit of real-world retail bite.”

The timeless (and royalty-free) ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ was the perfect musical vehicle for a piece that drew on fan nostalgia, but CSquared also enlisted the talents of Louis Enslin of Produce Sound to add some ‘screaming’ electric guitar to pin the piece in 2020 and not 1920.

In the single week of production it had to meet the deadline, CSquared’s editing team worked quickly in sourcing footage and editing a visual narrative that brought the words to life.

“And if you want the voiceover to do the same, hire an actor to give you a performance, not just a read,” says Viljoen. “In this case, the multi-talented comedy, dramatic and musical actor, Murray Todd.”

After four days of being on SuperSport’s Facebook page, the promo had already enjoyed 210,000 views and some outstanding viewer sentiment.