VIDEO: Retroactive Celebrates Ryobi Campaign with Kirsten Landman

14 May 2020

Retroactive is celebrating the success of its Ryobi campaign with Kirsten Landman, the first African woman to qualify for and complete the gruelling Dakar Rally on a motorcycle.

Ryobi - the 'power tools that won't quit' brand - partnered with Landman due to her 'won't quit' mentality and credentials. Landman survived a life-threatening injury a few years ago, where she was catapulted off her bike, ruptured her spleen, and eventually had to learn how to walk again.  

Retroactive documented Landman’s journey to the Dakar Rally, which was hosted in Saudi Arabia in January, via a monthly Facebook documentary series for Ryobi Africa, and the campaign reached more than one billion people.


Brand: RYOBI

Client: Richard Stevens

Agency: Retroactive

ECD: Mike Sharman

CD: Ben Karpinski

Account Director: Megan Schoeman

Design: Tyler Jade