Ever wanted to use your iPhone as a GoPro?

16 Feb 2016

An extreme sports fan's rather primitive way of recording himself skiing has accidentally served as the best commercial for an iPhone 6 that Apple could ever hope for.

Nicolas Vuignier's 'Centriphone' is essentially just him tying his iPhone 6 to some threads, swinging it around his head and then skiing across a snowy mountain, but it does a great job of selling the smartphone's video quality, emphasizing its electronic image stabilization that neatly reduces the amount of visible motion, even while the camera is being wildly swung around Vuignier.

Vuignier states that the video was shot entirely using an iPhone 6, though he made some post-production tweaks. He claims that he spent two years trying to create the video, adding: "I finally achieved the result I was looking for."


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