VIDEO: CSQUARED Reflects on SuperSport Campaign

21 May 2020

If you’re missing live sport, maybe look away, as CSQUARED reflects on its start-of-the-year campaign for SuperSport, throwing forward to what to expect from the pay-TV operator this year. Maybe, one day…….

According to Greg Viljoen, CSQUARED’s Creative Director, the broad idea for SuperSport’s 2020 ‘Look Forward’ campaign was, “surprisingly, not to have athletes in surgical masks self-film themselves in their homes, but rather to place them all together in full-colour kit glory in one home, mirroring the fact that you find all of them and more in one entertainment destination - SuperSport, on DStv.”

According to Viljoen, it took three months to align everyone’s diaries, many location recces to find the perfect house, two months of pre-production to imagine and art direct every room, and lots of tweaking of the script, which had to have the perfect balance of sports knowledge and humour.

To pull the humour off, SuperSport turned to their go-to funny man and studio anchor stalwart, Neil Andrews, to be ‘the guide’ around the home, introducing us to each sport in every room.

To add to the complexity of the shoot, a South African version and a ‘rest-of-Africa’ version had to be filmed simultaneously, to cater for the different viewer audiences.

“The shoot was also structured in a way that we could shoot a little bit of improvisation in each room, as we wanted the campaign to have a longer life than just the main launch promo, and for that needed a bit more content,” says Viljoen.

At the start of 2020 this allowed CSQUARED to produce sport-specific ‘Home of Sport’ promos, which explored the scenes a little further and added to the fun.

“The campaign was a storming success on all social platforms and strangely prophetic, as many of us are still working from home in our pyjamas, gown and with our favourite mug,” says Viljoen.