19 Dec 2018

The Multiply Titans have teamed up with Women & Men Against Child Abuse (WMACA), in support of the #MiniMeToo campaign to encourage a safer society for South African children.

WMACA is the leading South African Non-Profit Organisation advocating for awareness around issues of childhood sexual abuse for over two decades. In addition, providing free medical, therapeutical, clinical and forensic services to thousands of abused children and their families each year through their Kidz Clinics in Boksburg and Alexandra.

Earlier this year, WMACA launched the #MiniMeToo movement to encourage conversation around childhood sexual abuse in their continuous efforts to create safer spaces for children.

The Titans have a strong family culture within the franchise, and they have welcomed the partnership. The Sky Blues will wear the #MiniMeToo logo on their Momentum One-Day Cup shirts for duration of the 50-over competition.

"I think it is a great initiative," senior batsman Henry Davids said. "Whenever we talk about kids, it gets very emotional. Unfortunately, they don't always have a voice, so it's great to know that there are opportunities like the #MiniMeToo campaign to create a platform to share their story."

Davids added that the Titans have a very close-knit structure, which tries to produce as protective and positive an environment as possible for their children.

"We are definitely a family-orientated team, and we are very closely bonded. I also believe that SuperSport Park is the most family-orientated ground in the country."

Miranda Jordan, founding director of WMACA, echoes his sentiment: “The fact that the Titans are joining hands with us is huge. We’re particularly mindful that this comes at a time when we desperately need more men to step forward and show support.

“These men are admired for their dedication, sportsmanship and team spirit, and for them to use their status as first-class sportsmen to spotlight children’s rights makes them even bigger champions in our eyes”.

Chief Executive Officer of the Titans Cricket, Dr Jacques Faul, added: "We have a strong sense of community at Titans Cricket and SuperSport

Park, and I’m very proud that our players have all agreed to step up and show their support."

“We asked WMACA how we could help, and their answer was simple; by talking about it, and by encouraging our community and supporters to

also talk about it."

“I was touched by how emotional the team got in our initial discussion about it. We have a lot of guys with families in the team. But even

those who aren’t dads themselves are very good with the children, and care for them. It’s difficult to imagine that there are children out

there who aren’t so cherished and protected, and that’s why this movement is so important to us."

"We want every child to be safe and nurtured and we want more men to take pride in being role models - to protect children, to nurture them and, most of all, to give them a voice when they need to be heard.”

The Multiply Titans will host WMACA during their first home game at SuperSport Park on Sunday 10 February, against the VKB Knights.