Semenya Defends ‘Racist’ Nike Shoe

12 Dec 2019

Caster Semenya has defended the colours of a Nike shoe design that raised eyebrows due to its similarity to the old South African flag.

This after some of her followers, including transport minister Fikile Mbalula, questioned whether Nike knew they resembled those on the flag.

“What are this (sic) colours. They look like old Apartheid flag,” said Mbalula.

AfriForum’s Ernst Roets also commented on a picture of the sneaker Semenya shared, asking whether she had just committed hate speech.

Responding to Mbalula, Semenya rebuffed him, sharing a picture of Johannesburg Metro Police Department vehicles which bear colours similar to the flag.

“Some comments are so disappointing coming from our leaders’ thoughts. After all, those are just colours,” said Semenya.

In August, the equality court ruled that the “gratuitous display of the old flag” constituted hate speech, unfair discrimination and harassment.

The ruling was made when the court considered a matter brought by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

Judge president Phineas Mojapelo said displaying the flag was racist and discriminatory.

“Those who display the old flag consciously and deliberately choose not to display the new democratic, all-uniting, non-racial flag, they choose oppression over liberating symbols. They intend to insult and awaken feelings of white supremacy,” he said.