SA Rugby Unites

09 Apr 2020

The South African rugby ‘industry’ has come together to discuss the retention of teams and jobs in the face of the threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

All rugby activities were already suspended prior to the start of the national lockdown. 

Some events have already been cancelled or rescheduled, while others remain under threat. A return to play date is yet to be confirmed. 

In response to the threat all stakeholders in the running of the game and of teams and the employment of people in the sport have come together to confront the challenge. 

A working group has been established, including: 

-    SA Rugby – governing body managing fixtures and holding over-arching commercial relationships
-    South African Rugby Employers’ Organisation (SAREO) – representing the provincial employers
-    MyPlayers – representing professional players
-    Sport Employees Unite (SEU) – trade union representing non-playing employees 

In a joint statement, the grouping said: “We are in constant communication and have created various work streams in sub-groupings to determine the extent of the financial impact on the business of rugby. This is a unique situation which has called for a unique response and we are considering a number of potential scenarios and how we can mitigate the impact on the sport and our people. We are being transparent with each other in order to find best-case solutions for all engaged. The game, the employers, the players, staff and we are close to finalising a mitigation plan. 
Once that is complete and has buy-in of all our constituencies, we’ll be able to share with those impacted and the wider game.”

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