14 Jul 2020

Sport24 is reporting that provincial rugby union, Valke, has suspended its CEO Jurie Coetzee.

The union's director of rugby, Rudy Joubert, confirmed the suspension, which took effect last month.

Joubert would not reveal the reasons behind Coetzee's suspension, but Sport24 said it learnt from a well-placed internal source that the suspension related to alleged financial irregularities found and reported to the board.

"Yes, there is a precautionary suspension," said Joubert. "I cannot share what the suspension is about because it's something we have to give to an independent investigator to have a look at and wait for the feedback. If I say something about it, I could imply that he's done something wrong. But there was something that was brought to our attention that we had to report and to suspend him, so that he wouldn't interfere with the investigation."

The source told Sport24 that the allegations could see Coetzee possibly "not coming back" into his role.

"When this thing happened, we weren't even informed by the board," the source said. "But we noticed that he was scarce in the email communique. The last email we got from him was when they sent out the COVCOM (COVID-19 Management Committee) resolution of how they were going to do cost cutting and salary cuts, back in April. What we were then told was, he had been asked to step aside because of some financial irregularities. They said he was suspended. The charges are apparently of such a serious nature that the board member who informed us said he does not think [Coetzee] is gonna come back."

Sport Industry attempts to obtain confirmation from the Valke were unsuccessful.

SA Rugby responded by saying: "We don’t comment on the internal affairs of members – it’s for them to manage."

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