PSL and SAFPU Sign Agreement

05 Dec 2019

The Premier Soccer League and the South African Football Players Union have signed a historic bargaining agreement.

This was announced by PSL Chairperson Dr Irvin Khoza and SAFPU President Thulaganyo Gaoshobelwe at the league’s headquarters in Johannesburg.

“Professional football in South Africa has come a long way. It is able to support clubs, players and their families. We should all recognise that we cannot succeed without viable clubs and quality players. We will succeed together with players or we will fail together,” said Khoza. “There must be engagement between the league, representing the clubs, and SAFPU, representing the players. In recent times our relationship has been troubled by arguments about the level of representation SAFPU enjoyed‚ the level of compliance with agreements that were in place‚ and arguments from both sides of the divide. This led to introspection and an effort from both sides to address the difficult issues and get the relationship back on track. I’m pleased to announce that we have a new commitment and a bargaining document between the PSL and SAFPU.”

“The bargaining agreement signed between the PSL and the Players’ Union is a positive step towards the right direction. It is something that is long overdue. As the Players’ Union, our primary objective is to look after the players’ well-being and ensure there is fairness in the process of dealing with contracts and other matters. We have always been proud of what the PSL has achieved in the past – a business formed by people from the townships that has become a success story in our country,” said Gaoshobelwe.

The agreement outlines, among other things, the following:

  • A commitment from both parties to enhance its dispute resolution mechanisms
  • A commitment from both parties to the continuous improvement of understanding (and so training) of clubs and players on host matters including: compliance documentation; access to information; club licencing; antidoping benefits; possibilities of internal dispute resolution; tax compliance requirements; insurance; retirement benefits; and standard contracting procedures
  • Clear processes to ensure SAFPU has access to players at member clubs at least twice a season, as well as an implementation protocol for stoporder deductions for SAFPU members

Financial support for SAFPU to enable the players union to continue to grow its membership and also participate in campaigns aimed at improving levels of knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be professional