NEWS: Treble Group Gets Behind Kohler's Ocean X

27 Jul 2020

Cape Town-based agency, The Treble Group, is getting behind Richard Kohler's attempt to paddle unsupported from Cape Town across the Southern Atlantic Ocean to Salvador in Brazil.

Kohler is planning to complete what he's calling 'Ocean X' in an eight-metre paddling torpedo and wants to raise funds for Operation Smile.

He's currently in training and is already the first and only person to paddle the entire circumference of South Africa.

The Treble Group has secured publishing house, Highbury Media, as Ocean X’s media partner, and Highbury will assist with the PR strategy and content generation, as well as leverage their extensive digital and print magazine portfolio.

Kohler recently completed a gruelling weekend of non-stop training for Ocean X by paddling from the source of the Breede River to the sea in one go. The task of 38 hours of paddling, which saw him clock up 310 kilometres, was achieved with no sleep and pushing on throughout the cold of the night.

Kohler plans to paddle for around 15 hours each day, covering 100 kilometres at a time.

“The kayak is 8.5m long and 90cm at its maximum width," he says. "Considering an average shoulder width is around 50cm, it does not leave much room on the inside for me and my gear.”

The cramped conditions are one of Kohler’s biggest challenges. Avoiding leg cramp and debilitating salt sores are daily requirements to ensure he remains at optimal levels to complete his heady task.

From the outside there is a large array of solar panels with the two forward side panels that can lift upwards to present better solar absorption of the sun for drinking water. Research indicates that having enough electrical power to make water is one of the highest priorities. 

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