NEWS: Accelerate Sport Goes into Athlete Management

26 Jun 2020

Accelerate Sport has announced that it has launched a full-service athlete management division.

That's to complement its sports sponsorship and marketing consultancy.

Accelerate has also announced its first two signings, pro surfer, Bianca Buitendag and Maties Parasport Sportsman of the Year in 2019, Kerwin Noemdo.

“The launch of our athlete management arm is a new chapter for Accelerate Sport. By leveraging our extensive network, experience and market knowledge, we want to elevate athletes’ careers on and off the field,” said Gary Grant, Managing Director of Accelerate Sport.

The short-term aim of the division will be to assist athletes on their path to the Olympics and Paralympic Games scheduled to be hosted in 2021, as well as work with athletes participating in niche sports. Accelerate’s work will include developing the athletes’commercial partnerships, PR, and marketing, including managing their social media profiles.

“These athletes often struggle to generate the funds needed to take part in high-performance training and competitions. Our goal is to assist them in finding like-minded partners who can support them on their journey, so they can focus on winning that gold medal”, Grant added.

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