Marmite Pushes Boundaries

22 Aug 2019

Marmite handed out branded sandpaper at the second Ashes Test between England and Australia at Lord’s.

The tactical push, created by adam&eveDDB, was a light-hearted reference to ‘Sandpapergate’.

The strapline on the sandpaper read: "Love it or hate it. We won’t be tampering with it".

This was the second dig Marmite had made about the scandal that involved the Australian team’s Cameron Bancroft being caught by TV cameras trying to rough up the side of the ball with sandpaper to make it swing, during the third Test against South Africa at Newlands in Cape Town in March 2018.

Australia's own Vegemite has been caught up in a battle with Marmite, with the two spreads fighting it out on the cricket ground and in the UK's The Mirror newspaper.

Vegemite initially released an ad created by Thinkerbell in The Mirror, explaining that Vegemite was made for Australians.

Since then, the two have fought it out with Marmite making digs at Australia's ball-tampering scandal and Vegemite making light of the colours worn by members of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).

Marmite's sandpaper was part of a wider activation of Marmite’s MarmyArmy promotional strategy, which also saw Marmite jars and badges being handed out at Lord’s.