AFCON Success on Facebook

26 Jul 2019

Facebook has released some interesting stats in the wake of the staging of the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament in Egypt.

According to the social media giant, more than 10 million people used its platform to share their passion and excitement.

People across barriers of nation, language, class and culture took to Facebook to discuss AFCON 2019. Based on data measured between the start of the tournament on 21 June to 16 July:

- People on Facebook generated more than 30 million AFCON-related interactions (likes, comments, reactions etc)

- The day that got most people engaged on Facebook was 14 of July, the day of the semi-finals

- Riyad Mahrez from Algeria was the most talked about player, followed by Mohamed Salah from Egypt

- The most discussed national teams were, in order: Nigeria, Senegal, Algeria, South Africa and Tunisia

- The countries that discussed AFCON the most were Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Algeria and Senegal

- Egypt, the host country, was the sixth-most engaged in the conversation

Facebook measured Facebook conversation, including posts, comments, shares, likes and reactions related to the tournament.

All data was aggregated and de-personalised. Conversations were identified based on keywords and combinations of keywords that were associated with discussions around AFCON 2019.

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