The Big Interview - Two Circles

16 Sep 2014

Matt Rogan, MD of Two Circles, who won the Agency of the Year Award at the UK's BT Sport Industry Awards 2014 in May, discusses the evolution of data driven sport while speaking at the Discovery Sport Industry Awards in South Africa. 

Winning agency of the year (at the UK’s BT Sport Industry Awards) has made a major difference the way people perceive our business, we are still working while educating the market on what is possible in our space. What we have noticed is people are taking our work more seriously at a boardroom level as a result of that recognition. It’s made our lives a lot easier in terms of helping to persuade people there’s a tangible difference from the work we do and it’s put a spring in the step of every employer in the company as well. 

Data driven sport means helping our clients – clubs, leagues, governing bodies, and federations - make sense of all the data that the organisation holds. Some of this comes on systems, some on laptops, some on social marketing platforms, but wherever it comes from, we can pull it all together and make sense of it to use for a commercial advantage. That might mean selling more tickets, getting more members, more people on a squash court or tennis court.

People are becoming more aware of personal communication. Every time we get an email from Amazon or the cinema, it’s using how we have behaved in the past to advertise to use. We are doing the same in sport - which is a bit tougher because there is just so much data now!

Looking ahead, sport will have no choice but to treat the customer as an individual and learn which platform any one person uses and engage them on their terms and what works for them. It’s a challenge for sport, as it is for any other media, to understand the customer as a single unit rather than broadcast messages to mainstream media that is going to be increasingly challenged.

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