Fitness band locks devices until fitness goals are met

11 Sep 2017

For all the good that tablets and mobile devices do for children, they also have downsides. Apps, movies and TV shows aplenty means they’re less likely to go out and be active. Becoming accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle at an early age only builds bad habits. To find a happy-medium between screen time and play time, PlayGoal is introducing a fitness band that locks devices until fitness goals are met.

The touchscreen band works by being paired with PlayGoal’s Android app. From the app, parents can set specific physical goals for their children. Once the goals are met, only then will their devices be unlocked.

As a parent, you might require 1,000 steps for your child to have a half hour of screen time. Once a half hour is up the devices will re-lock themselves. No matter the numbers, it leaves you, the parent, in control of both your child’s health and exposure to various devices.

“This fitness band can change lives for good and actually motivate children to take part in more physical activity,” Brittany Oler, a founder of PlayGoal, said in a statement. “It helps create a system whereby you, the parent, no longer have to play the bad cop and your child feels he or she is in control. We are really excited about the launch and believe this will be one of the most innovative technologies of 2017.”