Suunto partners with Ultra-Trail CT

12 Oct 2018

Ultra-trail Cape Town presented by Salomon (UTCT), a bucket list race for ultra-trail runners combining a range of beautiful Mother City sights with the rugged technical terrain of Table Mountain, is proud to announce that Suunto has come on board as the official timing partner for the event. The Suunto technical team will be assisting runners during the race week build-up and on race day, and with the route marking via GPX.

UTCT is made up of four events, a 100km, 65km, and 35km which take place on Saturday 1 December, and a 21km event that takes place on Sunday 2 December. Suunto is a company at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches, diving computers and sports instruments used by adventurers all over the world, and the brand is extremely excited to be associated with UTCT.

“This unique event offers trail runners from around the country and the globe, the chance to take in the beautiful landscapes of Cape Town and to experience the incredible trails that this city has to offer, which are right on our doorstep. Suunto, as a brand, accommodates all levels of runners, as UTCT does, so the partnership makes good sense,” says David Harrington, Managing Director of Suunto SA.

Nic Bornman, UTCT Race Director, says: “We welcome Suunto as our Official Timing Partner at this year's Ultra-trail Cape Town. The wearable technology that Suunto provides forms an integral part of the running experience for athletes who have embraced the benefits of this kind of technology,” he says.

Suunto’s handmade Spartan and Suunto9 sports watches offer features from basic recording capabilities to full GPS track navigation and pace keeping. For the Ultra-trail runners, the all-new Suunto9 will be able to track your run from start to finish, with just one battery charge.

Ultra-endurance runner Ryan Sandes came second to Prodigal Khumalo in the 100km UTCT last year and will be back again for the challenge in December. Ryan uses the Suunto9 and says it is particularly helpful for him in his training: “It’s great to be able to log all my training, and see exactly what I’m doing when it comes to kilometres run in a week, time, the elevation gain and descent. On race day, it’s nice to know how far you’ve run, how far you’ve got to go and also the elevation gain and descent - I think that makes a big difference.

“I also use the sleep-tracking device on the watch, it’s pretty cool. For the out of town runners at UTCT, they can put the route on their watch and be able to use that as a safety backup to make sure they don’t get lost. It’s also really good to have a watch that I know is going to last the entire duration of the race and also for me, for the hundred-milers, to have one watch that works throughout,” Ryan says.