14 May 2018

The Sanlam Cape Marathon encaptures and embodies the unique spirit of the Mother City. On the 23rd September runners, spectators, scholars, students, charities, businesses, communities, religious groupings, city officials, marshals, traffic and law enforcement, all work together to welcome the world and take over the streets of Cape Town to celebrate our single humanity – The Heart of Cape Town.

The Sanlam Cape Marathon has rapidly become one of the worlds must run marathons. The only International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Gold Label-status marathon in Africa takes place over the spring weekend of 22-23 September. The festival includes two Peace Trail Runs (22km and 12km), a 5km Peace Fun Run/Walk and a 10km Peace Run, and of course the main attraction of the marathon itself. But the event is not only about the runners, it is about using the event as a vehicle for change, as a vehicle for bringing all sectors of our city together, of making a difference in peoples lives, in fostering peace and promoting good health and wellness. The people of Cape Town are invited to participate and become the agents of change they want to happen through various programmes.

The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon makes a huge positive impact on this city and her people through the Five Pillars of its Run4Change Legacy Programme: Health, Charities, Sustainability, Peace and Development:

Health: The ‘health’ pillar motivates all participants, supporters and the public to better their health and make positive changes in their diet and lifestyle. “The marathon is a great way to make the shift towards a positive change and living a healthier life,” says Elana van Zyl-Meyer, ambassador for the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon and former Olympic silver medallist.

To this end we are proud and privileged that Fedhealth has recently joined us on this journey as our health partner.

Jeremy Yatt, Fedhealth’s principal officer, says that “the medical scheme is concerned about the high incidence of lifestyle diseases and notes that physical fitness plays an important role in controlling these conditions.” He goes on to add, “we enjoy seeing our members and their families having fun whilst exercising in the great outdoors, as it’s a wonderful way to ensure wholesome family connections and fitness”.

Charities: Sanlam Cape Town Marathon includes a range of fund-raising activities that help to sustain meaningful community development in South Africa.  Runners “pay it forward” by supporting the initiatives of registered non-profit organizations that are making a positive difference in the lives of South African people who strive to realize their potential. Runners are encouraged to find a charity that resonates with them turn their run into a more meaningful one.