Growthpoint Properties becomes TSA headline sponsor

04 Jul 2017

South African tennis development will receive a boost after Growthpoint Properties was revealed as the national federation’s headline sponsor.

The two-year sponsorship, will focus on tennis development, club tennis and junior tennis, Tennis South Africa's (TSA) chief executive, Richard Glover has announced.

The cash injection from the property group would fund, among others, TSA’s new transformation and development plan. This includes the introduction of three new centres of development excellence and the creation of a national development squad.

Growthpoint will have naming rights to the TSA junior tournaments and the new National Club Championships.

The National Club Championships will consist of 14 regional events across the country and a national grand final based on a doubles tennis format for men and women. Glover said although Growthpoint was the mainline sponsor, it was not an exclusive agreement, allowing other corporates to partner with TSA.

Glover said TSA were making progress on the elite side of the sport, where they were in the early stages of planning for a national tennis centre. He said the money would be allocated to tennis development, junior tennis, and the club tournament, while some funds would be used for administrative use.

“Their (Growthpoint) backing is a massive endorsement of the new positive energy flowing through our federation,” Glover said.

“Growthpoint understands that for a sport to thrive, investment is first needed in the foundations - hence their focus on development, clubs and juniors.

“With Growthpoint’s support, the sleeping giant that is tennis in South Africa is starting to stir.”

“Growthpoint are happy for us to bring in other sponsors, so we’ve got another sponsor in the pipeline from a high-performance tennis perspective,” Glover said.

“High-performance is a big priority for us and we are really looking at tennis from three aspects: Interest, high-performance and participation. This is now our fifth sponsor we’ve brought in since the start of (the year) and this is by far the biggest. It is good in these tough times where a lot of people are struggling find sponsors.”

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