Garmin and Qhubeka partner in mobility project

10 Nov 2017

Garmin Southern Africa, the global GPS lifestyle technology company, have announced their partnership with Qhubeka, a charity that moves people forward with bicycles. This partnership further entrenches Garmin as an active lifestyle brand with the aim of getting people fit and healthy.

The mobility project makes use of GPS-enabled Garmin wearable devices to track, monitor and measure the mobility of schoolchildren before and after receiving a Qhubeka Bicycle. The Walkability app, developed by the UCT Civil Engineering Department, allows researchers to track people’s movements. This not only allows them to measure how much faster and further they can travel on wheels, compared to walking – it also helps to assess the impact of bicycles, and the uptake of bicycle culture.

Through a series of academic studies by the UCT Bicycle Cities Research Group, researchers hope to demonstrate the value of the bicycle as a form of transport in overcoming challenges and alleviating poverty. The studies will focus on specific geographical areas for data collection within Qhubeka’s programmes and areas of operations.

“Garmin are very excited to be associated with Qhubeka. Our GPS cycling products are already being used by the World Tour cycling team, Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka, and the alignment with the charity they support on the ground brings the partnership full circle,” said Jenna Chisnall, Marcomms Manager of Garmin Sub-Saharan Africa.

Qhubeka Executive Director Tsatsi Phaweni explains that Qhubeka is an Nguni word that means “to progress”, “to move forward”. “This mobility project will assist in demonstrating how bicycles help people move forward by enabling them to travel faster and further,” she says.

“As leaders in innovative cycling and fitness technology, we look forward to the outcome of this project and believe that this partnership will help to keep kids active while demonstrating how bicycles change lives,” ends Chisnall.