Barcelona to open five leisure parks

15 May 2018

Spanish soccer champions Barcelona have announced that they will open a minimum of five leisure parks in strategic regions.

In October last year, the La Liga outfit signed a five-year agreement with theme park company Parques Reunidos. The entertainment operator is being tasked with setting up the sites to promote and raise awareness of the club on a worldwide scale, as well as create a new revenue stream.

The first leisure parks, which will allow fans to enjoy an interactive experience with the Barca brand, are scheduled to open in the US and Asia in 2020.

The 3,000 to 10,000 square metre indoor parks will be opened in busy shopping malls and establishments in city centres with high numbers of pedestrian traffic. The sites will feature experiences based on Barca’s history, values, players and memorable moments.

Manel Arroyo, vice president and head of marketing and communications at Barcelona, said: “The agreement with Parques Reunidos will help us to project our image in strategic territories like the United States and Asian countries, offering our supporters a 100 per cent Barça experience, and at the same generating a major source of income.

 “They are a leading company in their sector, as shown by how they have worked with Nickelodeon and Lionsgate on indoor entertainment parks like the ones that Barça will have. And that means we’ll be able to continue to set new trends in the entertainment industry.”

“This partnership with FC Barcelona represents a major milestone for Parques Reunidos’ growth policy,” added Fernando Eiroa, delegate councillor of Parques Reunidos.

“At these centres, Parques Reunidos will be the first company to offer, hand in hand with one of the best teams in the world, an innovative and thrilling sport and leisure experience for football lovers in Asia, the United States and Europe.”