15 Mar 2018

Steering is currently underway for the 2018 Sport Industry Awards. As part of the process to continually strengthen the credibility of the adjudication process, industry experts and heavy weights were invited from far and wide to partake in the steering process – similar to what took place in 2017. With each passing year, the net is cast wider and thus dragging in new opinions and skill sets.

Over 80 Steerers were engaged as part part of the Steering process –unfortunately not everyone could be accommodated. They were gathered from agencies, rightholders, broadcasters and brands and are expertly positioned in taking on the tough task of developing the Official Shortlist. Each of the Steerers has graciously given up of their personal time as a contribution to the continued development of the industry and Sport Industry Awards as a whole. Without this contribution, the Awards would be much the poorer. In addition, an independent adjudicator from Deloitte is involved in the overall process each day.

The full adjudication process, Steering and Judging, will be hosted at Deloitte in Woodmead as part of their role as a continued sponsor of the Sport Industry Awards. With their unwavering support and commitment, the Awards processes are able to stand the test of scrutiny and observation, in the safest of hands. All Steerers who participate can attest to the continued implementation of strong process, governance and confidentiality.  

The official shortlist will be announced in the week of 19 March 2018. Thereafter, judging has been scheduled for the week of 26th March 2018.

Mark Holme, audit partner at Deloitte said: “It’s great having so many sport industry players passing through our doors for the Steering process and it is comforting to see the care and attention that is afforded to every entry. Entrants can be assured that the process is handled with the utmost integrity and professionalism.”

Sgwili Gumede, chairman of Sport Industry Group said: “We at Sport Industry Group are delighted to welcome all the Steerers to assist us in the arduous task. We are excited to work with them as they fully represent the full spectrum of the sport industry. We look forward to their valued input into the process again and we believe that this continues the distinct trend of openness, transparency and credibility of the process and thus aides the relevance of the result.”

Any industry representatives who wish to be included as Steerers in future editions are requested to make themselves available by contacting Sport Industry Group. It’s a rewarding experience to be able to contribute to the continued success of the industry as a whole.