Entry tips

Tips for Entering the Sport Industry Awards

1 – Does your Entry Deserve to Win?

  • You know what they say about first impressions, for your entry this is your elevator pitch – make it short & punchy!
  • It must set the tone - identify that this is something special

2 – Campaign Objectives

  • They must be measurable and quantifiable, clear & concise
  • We would recommend no more than five

3 – Campaign Strategy and Execution

  • We’re asking: what led your thinking, what did you plan, what did you do, how did you do it, was it successful?
  • A big idea should come through that runs through all your tactics

4 – Results

  • Your results have to be quantified i.e as measured by a reputable source, digital data from rightsholders, broadcast results etc. – actual numbers that are referenced
  • Substantiate these figures with commentary where applicable highlighting an insight or creating a relative comparison
  • The important thing to state is that the results should be quantifiable with facts, data and statistics that stack up against the objectives

5 – Results vs Objectives

  • Your results have to match your objectives!
  • If you had five objectives, you should have five results – did you achieve them & are you giving results for each one of them?

6 – Relevant Results

  • Avoid picking out what looks good to include vs. what is relevant i.e in line with your objectives
  • Measurement and Evaluation Agencies provide you with various pieces of information, only use what is relevant & in line with your objectives

7– Return on Investment

  • Look at a variety of evaluation tools within an ROI framework
  • This is a raw rands and cents view: Summarise what your investment is vs. what your calculated return is
  • Look at other methods of evaluation for your particular project in line with your objectives and positioning
  • Specify how you have you calculated your return
  • It gives the judges a quick ‘snapshot’ of if this worked or not – remember return is also linked to objectives. Not every campaign or programme is looking for a revenue return – eg branding building, awareness, influencer etc.

8 – Presentation of your entry

  • Make it look good i.e layout and flow
  • Pay attention to grammar & spelling
  • If a point is important, highlight it in bold to catch the judges’ eye
  • Don’t bold everything

9 – Imagery and Videos

  • Make sure this improves your entry – reference in the text to where it will add value or relevance
  • Follow the guidelines and restrictions
  • These are not required in order to win or be shortlisted, but if you include these, up to the restrictions, they are seen as part of your entry. Make them relevant!
  • As supporting material, it’s not important that your whole entry is repeated in video form.

10 – Summary

  • In your results section include a summary of how things went and it must be in line with your introduction
  • Say if you did or didn’t achieve your all or some of objectives (ROO) and explain why

11 – Final Tips

  • All entry submissions should include:
  • your completed entry form in pdf and ms word
  • a jpeg and eps version of your logo,
  • a high image of your campaign no smaller than 3mb and less than 5mb
  • your main supporting information

 Have fun with your entries – make them stand out and celebrate what you’ve achieved!

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