Zwim Goggles offer real-time data monitoring

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Swimming is a sport that requires execution and precision. However, figuring out what needs to be improved upon can be difficult without the right equipment.

The new Zwim goggles are ready to be the go-to item for swimming workout data, as they feature a heads-up display that allows users to monitor workout data in real time. Users with have access to heart-rate, time, lap counts and calories while you swim.

To make this possible, Zwim has partnered with optics companies to create the display which sits near the user’s eye, providing high-resolution and full-color visuals.

The heart rate monitor is placed on the user’s temple, which is designed to achieve the most accurate heart rate. Zwim also runs an algorithm by tracking direction of the movement of the head and body, allowing the goggles to count laps.

Through settings, users can decide what data they want to see on their display and where they want to see it. There can be one to four different data sets shown at once, and there can also be multiple screens with different data configurations.

Data transfer from Zwim can be made with USB only and can be connected to platforms such as Garmin Connect, Strava and MyFitnessPal.