Xsens launches new lab motion capture solution

Friday, December 1, 2017

Xsens has launched MVN Analyze 2018, a lab quality motion capture in field conditions.

It delivers accurate 3D kinematic data outside the lab and users can study a subject’s natural behaviour in environments with real-life application – such as a running track, power plant or office space, instead of in a simulated laboratory facsimile – while still confident in the capture of precise, reliable, high-grade data.

MVN Analyze 2018 has been used for several validation studies which are or will be published in peer reviewed journals, and has been tested by a number of renowned academic groups across various fields of research.

The English Institute of Sport recently used Xsens to prepare biomechanical data for the 2018 Winter Olympics, and the University of Windsor has used the technology to study avoidance of musculoskeletal injuries in vehicle production lines.

By enabling lab quality motion capture in field conditions, MVN Analyze 2018 is positioned to change how researchers approach ergonomics, biomechanics, physiotherapy and sports performance analysis.

Subjects can be captured performing physical tasks such as cycling, skating, driving or even skydiving.

Xsens MVN motion capture solutions are based on inertial technology –  using gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers to capture movement, which negates the requirement for a camera and sensor setup.

In the past, data captured using inertial techniques was affected by environmental magnetic distortion. Metals present in capture environments such as laboratories, treadmills, and gyms could corrupt data and affect results. MVN Analyze 2018 utilises a new mocap engine that extracts more in-depth information from recorded data. This means users can collect human movement data sets, faster, with greater efficacy, allowing for deeper analysis and increased accuracy in findings.

Liam Sanders, technical lead, English Institute of Sport, comments: “This new update adds total confidence to the data that we’re being given. That’s just the world we live in: there’s electricity and technology all around us. With the new system, however, those issues aren’t a consideration.

Xsens has increased the reliability and accuracy of its results tenfold. It’s really exciting – the data we can collect and the advice we can give off the back of it will take EIS to entirely new places.”

Hein Beute, product manager at Xsens, comments: “Xsens MVN is the obvious choice for applications that want to integrate motion capture within real world situations. Users can capture a rehabilitation patient in his/her natural environment, or complete an athlete’s performance analysis on the field. MVN Analyze has accomplished a new level of technology maturity that will enable many new applications in the field of ergonomics, health and sport.”