Speedo’s personalised online swim Training

Friday, June 30, 2017

Speedo has announced the launch of its Speedo On, an online platform designed to provide personalised swim training, analysis and recommendations based on your individual goals. The new motivational online platform, which is accessible across all web and mobile devices, provides users with access to training programmes developed by some of the world’s best coaches and athletes, personalised tips and advice and access to new content to help users better their swims.

Speedo On provides users with a social network for like-minded swimmers that will help motivate them to swim more to achieve their fitness goals. Creating a connected global community of swimmers around the world, users can follow swim buddies, earn badges, share their progress and celebrate achievements.

Designed to sync with your swim compatible wearable device to record your data, Speedo On creates user friendly dashboards to help you analyse your stats such as metres and lengths, stroke type and pace, calories burnt and the swim specific measure SWOLF. Speedo On can also be used without a watch, with users manually inputting their data into the web app after their swim to generate data.

Dan Bullock, Speedo coach and director for swim technique and coaching concept ‘Swim for Tri’ mentioned: “As a coach, I ask my swimmers daily to record a swim log to help track progress. Some do but it is an effort. The Speedo On platform now simplifies this immensely taking stats and data from your watch, keeping you accountable to a virtual coach and encouraging you to get back in the water more frequently. I personally use it and have swum more as a result of having a renewed interest in my performances. The camaraderie and support of a network of swimming friends cheering you on and the pat on the back for a new swimming best time or distance will have you get so much more out of your swimming."

Rob Hicking, brand director at Speedo International, said: “Speedo On has been borne out of our passion to inspire more people to get into the pool to achieve their fitness goals. By creating this globally accessible platform, we hope to provide users with the knowledge and know how to become better swimmers and create a global swim community to motivate and support one another.”

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