Snapchat continues store experimentation with Nike

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Snapchat has collaborated with Nike’s Jordan Brand to sell shoes within Snapchat.

The partnership between Snap, Darksotre, Shopify, R/GAand Nike’s Jordan brand, meant that a pre-release of the Air Jordan III ‘Tinker’ were sold on Snapchat with same day delivery after the NBA All-Star Game.

Anyone who attended the Jumpman All-Star afterparty could scan an exlusive snapcode to receive the shoes by 10.30pm that night, thanks to its collarboration with Darkstore. The shoes sold out within 23 minutes.

In addition to codes, Snap also geofenced the area and within that geofence, fans could access a 3D augmented reality Michael Jordan lens.

Reports suggest that this could be Snap’s way to enter the e-commerce market and comes after Snap launched the Snap Store within its app’s discover section earlier this month to seel Dancing Hot Dog Plushies, Snapchat winkface sweatshirts and other products related to the app.

Dan Harbison, global senior director of digital at the Jordan brand said: “When we look at doing digital marketing, we really want to make sure we engage the community with something the consumer has never seen before.

“Looking at what the list is from a technological standpoint, augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality have been out there for a couple years. But we wanted to make sure we did it with purpose, and did it meaningfully.”