Skillz Innovates Cross-App Chat System

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Following the introduction of the world’s first esports ticker technology, Skillz continues to innovate. The company introduced a cross-platform, cross-app chat system on Tuesday that will enable iOS and Android users alike to communicate on some of the roughly 2,500 Skillz-integrated games.

“Esports competitions connect players and fans around the world in an intrinsically social experience,” Skillz CEO, Andrew Paradise said in a statement. “By adding in a sophisticated chat system, Skillz has become the multiplayer social fabric to connect the world’s 2.6 billion mobile gamers.”

Chat systems have previously been available in the gaming world with Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network. Never, however, has there been a feed so widely accessible for mobile users.

Whether you’re starting a group chat or direct message, Skillz’ mobile chat platform creates a more efficient way of communicating. It creates higher engagement in games where it’s deployed. The tech’s developers reported players entering 10 percent more competitions and a 25 percent growth in revenue per player.