Hudl gets backing for Cutting Edge Analytics

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hudl, a product that provides insights for teams at every level of play, from grassroots to professional, has closed on $30m in funding from a team of investors, including Accel, Jeff and Tricia Raikes, and Nelnet.

Hudl set a record in 2015 by capturing the biggest-ever venture capital investment in a Nebraska tech company with $72.5 million.

David Graff, CEO, Hudl, said: “We started offering assisted analysis services two years ago to U.S. high school basketball teams, the demand from teams across sports and levels of play has been overwhelming. We’ll provide analysis for over 300,000 games around the world this year.

“To make this possible, we’re growing our in-house team of analysts to 500 and we’re pairing their work with machine learning and computer vision algorithms to give our customers fast access to their data and reports.”

Matt Mueller, COO, Hudl, said: “We see huge opportunities in the U.S. and abroad and will continue to grow our team globally to bring our products to new markets, it’s definitely an exciting time to be a part of the company.”

“Combine these opportunities with the product innovations we’re currently working on, our new world headquarters opening later this year, and the enthusiasm we’re seeing from the teams we work with and it’s definitely an exciting time to be a part of the company.”

Most recently in the UK Hudl was cited as instrumental to the success of Lincoln City’s 2016/17 FA Cup run, the then Football Conference team reached the FA Cup quarterfinal, beating Premier League opponents in the process.

Helping teams learn from video and stats by combining the two for a more in-depth film study experience has always been integral to Hudl’s mission of capturing and bringing value to every moment in sports.