British Airways backs ITTF Team World Cup

Friday, January 26, 2018

In training for the final race of his career, Usain Bolt sported something new on his feet. Puma’s NETFIT technology offered him a customizable lacing system designed to fit the specifications of his foot. Not only that, the customization allowed him to create a shoe entirely his own.

NETFIT technology, originally designed strictly for running, is branching into the world of soccer with FUTURE. FUTURE features the same customizable lacing system helping players sport a boot that is all their own.

Knowing that the needs of someone on the pitch are different than on the track, Puma made a few changes. The upper portion of the boot features an evoKNIT trainer; a sock-like knitted material that creates a form-fitting layer. The snug-fit allows your foot to be closer to the ball upon impact.

A RAPIDAGILITY outsole has also been added to help players reach max speed with top-notch traction and stability.

Advancements in NETFIT’s technology isn’t the only technological aspect to the new boot. In emphasizing FUTURE’s high-caliber tech, Puma released a video featuring a drone dropping off the new boots to English soccer star, Callum Harriott.