adidas Launch Tango App

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

adidas have officially launched the adidas Tango app, a community platform that will help football creators to 'prove and improve their skills and creativity' - available on iOS and Android devices in the US, UK, Germany, France and Spain.

The app will also now serve as the 'new home of the innovative adidas grassroots football competition; the Tango League'.

Using the adidas Tango app, creators can further their self-expression and self-improvement by growing their game, sharing their skills and even growing their own fan base.

Each user's profile will be their 'player card' and represents their progress within the community. It will both show how far they have come, but also motivate them to reach new levels.

Through the 'challenge' feature, creators can 'show off their skills, compete against friends, claim fame and unlock rewards'. It can be big or small and the very best performers in the adidas football community will even win some of the 'most exclusive rewards that adidas has to offer'.

Then there is the section of the app dedicated to the Tango league, described by adidas as an 'innovative network of football tournaments all over the world', rewarding players for both their skills on the pitch and their creativity off it.

Players will be able to register, create teams, explore tournaments and sign up for new events.

"The Tango League has been a hugely successful way of bringing together football creators from all over the word," said Florian Alt, VP of Brand Communication at adidas Football.

"Now with the new adidas Tango App, it's never been easier for them to express their creativity and be part of our Tango community.

"It will once again bring the global football community closer together and give the most skilful, creative, and committed players the chance to shine on a global stage."